Soft & Gentle Training Dog Collar


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800 meter 2 in 1 Dog training anti bark collar Rechargeable Remote Contro Electric Shock Vibration sound with LED for small medium large Chihuahua husky German Shepherd French Bulldog Golden Retriever Poodle training no barking Dog accessories.


After long-term market verification and user feedback, this pet trainer has proven to be safe, effective and comfortable. It can help you control and train your dog within an effective range, through vibration reminders, sound warnings, and electrostatic punishment. And other functions, to achieve remote control of barking, automatic barking, correction of dog running, easy to recall, and prevent dogs from arguing and throwing people, picking and eating outdoors and other bad habits. Other complex training can also be carried out. This trainer will be your best assistant in managing your dog.


​anti bark collar and training dog collar.

1. Auto anti-bark Mode: You can remote or switch the Receiver to Auto anti bark mode

2. Use the remote control to train the dog’s behavior and form good habits

3. Waterproof Receiver: your pet can swim or walk in the rain with it

4. Adjustable Levels: You could adjust the level of Vibration mode and Shock mode from 1- 20.

5. Four training m ode: Shock/ Vibration / light / Sound

6. Three Channels : Choose channel for max 3 Receivers with one Remote

7. Auto Power Save :The Remote and Receiver will go into standby mode automatically for no operations

8. Suitable for all size dogs

9. The remote control distance of this pet trainer is within 800 meters. (Sea level test distance)

Important Notice

1. Please charge before first using

2. Training collars should be used to help fix behavioral issues, not for punishing/ abusing animal. Recommend to use vibr ation/tone mode to tr ain your dog. Improper use of the shock mode may cause pain/ physical injury or may tr aumatize the dog. So the shock mode should only be used in case of an emergency and should not be used as a form of positive behavior training.Observing the dog’s reaction , make sure the training intensity not too much.

3. Check your dog’s skin , don’t hurt it by shock.

If the training collar set is NOT sensitive, please review the following question.

1: Are the remote and receiver too far apart?

2: Are there any barriers/interference between the remote and the receiver?

3: Are the remote and receiver fully charged?

4: Are the remote or the receivers in standby mode?

5: Are the two modes switched frequently?

6: Is the button pressed too lightly or are you pressing the center of the button?

Note: The IP67 waterproof feature protects the receiver and remote from getting wet. However, they cannot be submerged in the water for a long period of time.

Product including:

For 1 dog

For 2 dogs

For 3 dogs

1x Remote control
1x dog collar
1x Nylon Collar
1x USB cable
1xTest lamp
4 x Silicone conductive column

4 x Silicone protect case

1x English manual

1x Remote control
2x dog collars
2x Nylon Collar
1x USB cable
1xTest lamp
8x Silicone conductive column

8 x Silicone protect case
1x English manual

1x Remote control
3x dog collars
3x Nylon Collar
1x USB cable
1xTest lamp
12 x Silicone conductive column
12 x Silicone protect case

1x English manual

【 Buy With Total Confident 】:we are offers a 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. If you have any question with the dog training collar, please feel free to contact us.thank you.

【Support dropshipping】:No invoices, QR codes….. in the shipments. Will ship within 48hours.

Additional information

Brand Name


Item Type

Training Collars



Is Smart Device


Model Number

training dog collar 72








for 1 dog/for 2 dog/for 3 dog


small medium large dogs

feature 2

training dog collar

feature 3

anti bark collar

feature 4

800 meter

feature 5

Shock/ Vibration / light / Sound

feature 6

dog training collar and anti bark collar

feature 7

3 color

Pet 1


Pet 2

German Shepherd

Pet 3

French Bulldog

Pet 4

Golden Retriever

Pet 5


Pet 6


Pet 7

Military tactical dog

feature 8

2 in 1 training mode


2 years

feature 9



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