Reptile Breeding Terrarium



Note: The transparent acrylic structure plate has a protective film, so when you receive the goods, you should first tear off the protective film, you will get the transparent acrylic structure plate.

Product Information:
1、Reptile Breeding Box: It is very suitable for feeding or transporting reptile insects such as spiders, scorpions, crickets and small snakes.
2、Quality Material: It is made of transparent acrylic material so that you can see the behavior of small pets anytime, anywhere.
3、Air Hole Design: The small air holes around the design, ventilated and heat dissipating to prevent the pet from running away.
4、Easy to Use: Top snap or magnetic closure for easy feeding and escape.
5、Widely Applicable: It is easy to assemble and use, and can be used with landscaping, heating lamps, etc.

Name: Assembly insect breeding box
Style: buckle, magnetic buckle
Material: Acrylic
Size (APPROX.):
Suitable for: breeding reptiles such as spiders, scorpions, crickets, horned frogs, beetles, small ornamental snakes, etc.

Packing List:
1*breeding box (without landscaping)

Note: The product does not contain landscaping!

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Acrylic, Reptile breeding box


Assembly insect breeding box


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