Pet Drying Box 54L Cat & Dog Hair Dryer


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Built-in aromatherapy, pet hair to solve the odor problem.Ozone sterilization, pet health care.Leakage protection, security worries.

Mute fan, the filter inlet and outlet have internal compartments, isolated hair clogging.

Intelligent operation panel, built-in WIFI module, the link parameters APP drying box provided in real time to see the drying chamber temperature, set the appropriate temperature and time according to the demand.(Available in English APP)

54L large interior space, enough space for pets.It has a safety lock to prevent accidental pet ran out.

360 ° stereo surround the wind, the wind anion efficient, make more smooth and easy to comb hair, may also eliminate static electricity.

External dimensions: 56cm * 56cm * 58cm.

Internal dimensions: 50cm * 50cm * 37cm.

Number of motors: 1

Air volume and speed: adjustable in three gears

Heater power: 750W

Rated voltage: 220v/110

Rated power: 850W

Single fan power: 90W

Temperature range: 20 ° -40 °, three positions can be adjusted

Fuse specification: 250V/6A

Timing range: 1~99min

Disinfection method: ozone disinfection

For pets: cats, small and medium-sized dog
20-60 minutes generally required for drying, depending on the length and thickness of the hair.(Pet sure to dry before being placed in a drying oven)

Set drying / warming nest / aromatherapy / ozone disinfection in one

Wireless control

Precise temperature control

Stereo surround

Noise reduction


1. When using for the first time, please check whether the power supply used is in accordance with the product requirements, and confirm that you

The socket used is well grounded.

2. It is strictly forbidden to use in the environment with flammable and explosive materials.

3. Do not use and store in a humid and dusty place for a long time to avoid corrosion of the shell

4. Please don’t approach the open flame to avoid discoloration and deformation of the body.

5. The air inlet and air outlet are forbidden to cover and ensure a distance of 20 cm from the wall.

6. The oven must be placed on a flat ground for use.

7. Do not bend, pull, or tangle the power cord to prevent the power cord from overheating.

8. Do not operate the oven switch or unplug the power cord with wet hands to prevent electric shock.

Additional information



Model Number

Pet Drying Box

Timing Range


Temperature Range

20-40 degree

Number of Motor


Disinfection methods

Ozone Disinfection


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