Oxygen Air Bubble Tube Diffuser for Fish Tank – Beautiful Waterscape Bubble Wall




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Aquarium Air Pump Accessories – Oxygen Air Bubble Diffuser Tube for Fish Tank Beautiful Waterscape Bubbles Wall, air pipe tube

1) Product Specifications:

  • Item: Brand New Aquarium Air Bubble Tube

  • Color: Green

  • Air Inlet Tube Calibre:4mm

  • Size: Diameter 1cm

  • 3models for choice:17.8cm long, 25.4cm long, 35.6cm long

2) Product Features:

  • Very Easy to use with Air Pump to supply Air Bubble Wall Beautiful Waterscape(Please make sure your Air Pump is powerful enough to supply good amount of Air Bubbles)

  • 1pc Connector is available in each model. You can use it to connect 17.8cm with 17.8cm, 25.4cm with 25.4cm, 35.6cm with 35.6cm (Different size can not connect together. Only same size models can connect together)

  • Attention: In the beginning, please wait for several hours or several days for the Air Bubble Wall to show out completely (if air bubble amount looks like not enough, it is because of your air pump issue. Please change your air pump into higher power to supply more air bubble)

  • Attention: Please clear the tube after several months using, So that keep the Air Bubble going through out smoothly

  • Attention: Air Tube needs to work with powerful enough Air Pump to supply good air bubbles

  • 1pc extra Connector is available in each model. 1pc extra connector included is updated design. It is for different pipes to connect each other together into a longer pipe, or it is to cover any leak rip because of shipping, or if you need to cut it off to connect back together again.

3) Product Pictures:


4) Package including:

  • 1pc Aquarium air bubble tube
  • Package bag

5) Payment:

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6) Shipping:

7) Service:

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Additional information



Tube Calibre




Model Number








Product Line

Brand New Aquarium Air Bubble Tube

Air Inlet Calibre



Diameter 1cm

3models for choice

17.8cm long, 25.4cm long, 35.6cm long


Can be connected by connector


Please use powerful enough Air Pump to supply Air Bubbles


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