Fish Tank Decoration Landscaping Simulation



Material: pvc plastic + ceramic base

Application: Aquarium landscaping

Instructions for use: The aquatic plants may be squeezed and deformed

during the packing process,

which can be restored by soaking in 40-60 warm water.

Note: Do not expose to the sun,

and do not put it at a temperature higher than 65°

Waterweed leaves:

The leaves and roots of the simulated aquatic

plants are made of PVC environmentally friendly

materials and do not affect the water quality.

They are not sprayed on the surface like other aquatic plants,

which will easily cause color fading and affect water quality.

Instead, the coloring is incorporated into the raw materials and then finalized.

Although the cost is much higher, the quality and color

will be much better, and there is no saying that there is no fading.

Ceramic base:

The artificial aquatic plant base adopts a ceramic base,

which is made of clay and various natural minerals after

crushing and mixing. It is non-toxic and harmless, and has good stability in water.

Note: The size is measured manually, the actual error may be a bit

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PE plastic + ceramic base




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