Electric Pet Grooming Kit For Dogs


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Baorun P9 Clipper Dogs Professional LCD Screen Pet Cat Clippers Electrical Grooming Trimmer Rechargeable Haircut Machine

Product Description

Blade: Ceramic + Titanium

Color: white, black

Motor: 3V, high power, 6500Rph

Charge Adapter:

Input: 110-240V, Universal voltage

Output: AC 5V—1000mA

Battery: 2000mah Lithium Type

Charge time: about 3 hours

Working time: Up to 4 hours

Shaving Comb: 3/6/9/12mm

5-speed tuning for the blade: 0.8–2.0mm

The noise reduction mute called Q-SUS make the noise less than 50 dB, much lower than the EU standards which is 70 dB

Support Charge when using

Three gear speed, suitable for all kind of hair:

5000 RPM speed suitable for soft pet hair, suitable for first time users

5800 RPM for medium and slightly hard pet hair

6500 RPM for hard pet hair, suitable for use by pet beauticians

Package Included:

4x Limit Combs (3-6-9-12mm)
1x Cleaning Brush
1x Adapter
1x Trimmer
1x Original package box

Kindly Note:

1. We will provide the suitable adapter according to different countries or areas.

2. Working well both from the electric net and battery. When the battery is running out of power,you can keep the trimming process by plug in the clipper(connecting the power adapter to the electricity network).

​3. For some countries, the small bottle of Oil maybe not included in the package due to air transport restrictions. Please be noted in advance, thanks for your generous understanding.

4. The back of machine body shown 5v—1000mA which refer to the output voltage and current rather than the capacity of the battery. The battery capacity of this machine is 2000 mah.

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