ADA Compliant VIV Aquatic Stainless Steel Plant Tweezers Curved – Straight




  • The VIV stainless steel tweezer is great emphasis on strength and elasticity as well as cutting-edge precision tweezer length professional Aquascape special tweezers. To make a perfect and meticulous landscaping plants, special forceps is indispensable. For ease in driftwood, stones, planted among other plants, we have designed the most suitable natural shape alone aquascaping tweezers.
  • They are the pinsettes for professional edition that focus on the spring strength, accuracy of tip part, and easy-to-handle length.Pinsettes are must-have item to make an elaborate layout. They are in designed in the most suitable shape for Nature Aquarium to plant around stone, driftwood or space between aquatic plants easily.
  • Same quality as ADA original

3 models for choice:

  • 27cm straight type VIV stainless steel tweezers
  • 27cm needle nose VIV stainless steel tweezers
  • 30cm curve VIV stainless steel tweezers

  • Placed in the air circulation, in order to avoid excessive exposure to ozone damage to health.
  • The seal layer of ozoneer need to be cleaned regularly , only with soft cotton and clean water.

Package include:

  • 1pcs VIV stainless Steel tweezers

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